Quantum Moves is a game that helps scientists build a quantum computer

Quantum Moves

There are games you play to kill time. Also, there are games played to relieve tension, entertain ourselves and to make friends. However, not many of these games are played to help build a quantum computer. Or at least, there are not many games that claim to do that. Quantum Moves is one such game. It doubles as a quantum physics experiment to help scientists develop next-generation algorithms for future quantum computers. The game is somewhat simple. All you need to do is master the game’s sole puzzle. In this…

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If you use multiple online accounts, then you need a password manager

Lastpass Password Manager

In order to keep your online accounts safe, it is a great idea to use a unique password for each site.  However, if you have several different accounts on various sites, it could become quite a chore to remember all the passwords. One way to reduce that stress is to use a password manager. Now, there are several password managers out there. All of them store your passwords quite well. However, the best password managers do more than just that. Basic password managers save your login information for different sites.…

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Here’s what to do when you experience Bluetooth audio stutter

Bluetooth audio stutter

Bluetooth connectivity is now a staple for a lot of mobile devices. One of the biggest advantages of the feature is that it reduces the amount of cords we have to carry around, which is pretty vital. However, there could be times when you connect your smartphone to an audio playback device, such as a pair of headphones, and you get Bluetooth audio stutter. This can be really annoying. Anyone who uses a Bluetooth speaker or a pair of Bluetooth headphones will tell you that the connection should allow for…

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Geekbench lists TECNO AX8 with 6 GB RAM, but we’re not buying it

fool me once

A Geekbench listing has thrown up a yet-to-announced TECNO mobile phone with the codename TECNO AX8. Naija tech blogville is brimming with excitement over the discovery. However, here at MobilityArena, we are not excited about this revelation. Ask us why. Like Infinix X603, like TECNO AX8 Do you remember the also leaked Infinix X603 with 6 GB that was hyped to no end supposing it to e the Infinix Zero 4 (or Zero 4 Plus)? Remember how it turned out to be a hoax after the Zero 4 and Zero…

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